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The Bullstop. project curated by the Association CAP – Cities Art Projects and conceived with Spanish-born artist Maria Angeles Vila Tortosa, aims to activate a reflection by young people on the dynamics behind bullying and the consequences that this phenomenon has on those who suffer it.

The purpose of the Bullstop. project is to act on some particular components of bullying or cyberbullying, while building positive relational dynamics that lead to adolescents’ understanding of the phenomenon.

Bullstop. | Awarness and exchange

During a meeting with students, psychologist and psychotherapist Silvia Andreoli will guide the students to reflect on the word “diversity”‘, on what it means to be different. Through a focus on the etymology of the Latin diversus literally “face elsewhere,” past participle of divèrtere, she will highlight how the Italian terms DIVERSO and DIVERTIRE share the same root.

At the same time it will carry out a meeting with families of adolescents to talk about discrimination, bullying and cyberbullying. This meeting will also raise awareness among families about the sensitive issue that is often not adequately addressed by the adult world.

Lastly, together with the psychologist, teens from the two institutions will be accompanied and involved in an intellectual exchange. This moment will include the implementation with the students of a creative writing workshop that will culminate in the writing of a short story, a story focused on the acceptance of diversity and the fight against discrimination of all kinds.

Bullstop. | Creativity

The fundamental component that comes into play is precisely the gaze, the action of seeing and looking.

With artist Maria Angeles Vila Tortosa, the intention is to engage adolescents through the artistic practice of photography and then printmaking. Starting from the use and understanding of the mechanism of the analog camera, a “change of light,” a reversal of vision, is proposed to the students.

Through the technique of photography, that employs the eye as a means of observing others, they learn a system for observing themselves and others without prejudice and superstructure, applying a methodology that will focus more on the construction of vision and not on the subject as an element on which to direct our aggressive impulses.

The artist will use the printmaking technique with the students to create a visual narrative that will offer the tools to create collective portraits on the topic of discrimination, bullying and cyberbullying. The small works will be shared in an installation with the entire school in the last phase of the project.

Final event

Bullstop. was realized thanks to winning the public notice “for the implementation of sports and cultural initiatives for students of the school system and the IefP system of Lazio” now in its second edition
The project is funded by the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) Program 2021-2027 Policy Objective 4 “A more social Europe” Regulation (EU) no. 2021/1060 Regulation (EU) no. 2021/1057- Priority “Education and Training” – Specific Objective f) To promote equal access to and completion of inclusive and quality education and training, in particular for disadvantaged groups, from early childhood education and care, through general and vocational education and training, to tertiary level and adult education and learning, including by facilitating mobility for learning for all and accessibility for people with disabilities.

Photo Credits:

Bullstop., Courtesy CAP – Cities Art Projects © Paola Farfaglio



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